Albakiara il Film (2008)

Two years of work between writing it, preparing, shooting it and post-production… A truly provocative movie that really got people talking … This is what Vasco and Gaetano Curreri had to say about it: “It takes courage. Yeah, it takes courage to try to relate what goes on in the world of young people. Sure, not all young people. All parents and part-time moralists should be reassured. This is not the portrait of a whole generation. It’s not about making generalizations, but only about describing an underground reality, quite widespread and very disturbing. Especially for people with children. But it takes courage to tell all this in a film!!! Especially in our beautiful country where we think we can erase everything by passing repressive laws and taking away driver’s licenses. ALBAKIARA isn’t about the best or the worst of youth, as someone wrote. It’s just a story. Realistic, yet at the same time also American- style fiction. Clearly Salvati aspires to be the “Italian Tarantino”. And I’d say that he’s almost succeeded with this movie. I liked it… a lot. I had fun working on the soundtrack and when I saw it edited it was like a punch to the stomach, it nailed me to my armchair for an hour and a half and finally it left me with a little bitterness. The kind of bitterness that always comes with a new “awareness”.” Gaetano Curreri “I went to see “Albakiara” by Stefano Salvati and I really liked it. I see it as the kind of movie that fuses neorealist language with the music video in an absolutely original piece of work. An Italian movie that is really different than the usual and won’t fail to astonish, move and even shock. Salvati uses Albachiara in a reckless and provocative way. He reinterprets the character described in the song in an irreverent way, he turns his nature upside down, thereby generating the figure of a young woman, a lot more shocking and maybe, who knows, more tied to today’s reality. The movie is a kind of Italian action thriller with a rather animated and violent plot. Don’t expect any corniness. I liked the courage and originality of this idea: to tell a story and create a main character that is so different from the original. I love artistic provocations. They help to keep our consciousnesses alive.” Vasco Rossi A lot has been said about it ….good and bad