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Jolly Blu (1998)

To clarify: Jolly Blu is a movie, but it was conceived and shot for home video and TV. Erroneously, many film studies books classify it as a cinematographic movie. This error arises from the fact that Claudio Cecchetto decided to premier it in some movie theater (in 6 cities, to be precise). Anyway, I have fond memories of Jolly Blu. It was shot with a very low budget but a lot of passion. I remember that Max (Pezzali) was always very friendly and professional on the set, even after 18 hours of work… The movie was enormously successful: it sold almost 200,000 VHS copies (setting a record for that time) and almost 5 million viewers watched it on the Italian TV channel Italia 1 (setting a record for Italia 1). Even now Jolly Blu has tons of fans: it’s practically a cult phenomenon.